Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation
Newsletter, Whitsun 2003

Dear Friend,

That ye may know, man hath power on Earth
to erase The Fall’s effects,
he said to the paralysed man:
"Arise take up thy bed and walk."  And he did ... (Mark 2:10; Luke 5:24)

At Whitsun we celebrate the descent to Earth of a divine energy capable of enabling us to restore the Relationship between man, and God, and creation, which The Fall  destroyed.  This energy could cause all creation to undergo a complete metamorphosis.

There is nothing haphazard about the Whitsun energy’s potential: Christ "called for a full reversal of values, advocating the end of the world as we know it and its replacement by a quite new, utopian kind of life in which the ideal would be real" (J. M. Robinson) —: a complete metamorphosis.

The call to replace the world we have with one in which all things are perfect has sired Religion since prehistoric times.  Judaism, Lao Tsu, Hermes Trismesgistus, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism and Islam all respond to it in their own way.  It accounts for the science/technology of the I Ching, Tantra yoga, and of the religion of which "the Christian religion is but a continuation": a religion which was "preserved in all its purity and perhaps all its perfection [by Orpheus and] was restored and generously enriched by Jesus" (Abbé P–:J. Jallabert).  "Not only did the learned of the Pagan world ascribe [a] sacred science to [Orpheus] but the instructed of the Christian fathers did so too" (G. R. S. Mead).

While this sacred science was restored by, practised by, and enriched by, Christ, he also provided (1) information which enables others to use it, and (2) the means to upgrade all man’s relationships — removing man’s (spiritual) FallTHE CAUSE OF ALL PHYSICAL DEGENERATION, AND DEATH.

Jesus constantly emphasised he was a man — who changed the real into the ideal: the blind saw, the lame walked, the lepers were cleansed, the deaf heard (Matt 11:5).  He multiplied matter, and changed its location, and chemical constituents.  —  Time, Space, Quantity, Degeneration, and Death, were set at naught.  This man was complete master of the physical world.

Since it is now beyond a peradventure (1) that the New Testament gospels were written by eyewitnesses and (2) that what they wrote has NOT been altered to any significant extent(1) twenty first century man is confronted by two facts that the Early Christians accepted: (1) mankind must develop relationships capable of erasing every last vestige of The Fall and (2) the CAPACITY to do so was bestowed, on man, by Christ, at Whitsun.

Because there is a REAL possibility that life on earth may be erased within decades, it has become imperative that open–minded scientists and lay persons devote themselves to an in–depth study of what Christ said, did, and maintained.  Their efforts should attract unstinted financial backing.  All art should strive to illustrate what Christ envisaged.  Politicians should aim at drafting laws that set up a society which sanctions only what Christ advocated.

It was decided to set up the Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation (the EBF) to study (1) Christ’s teaching; and (2)‘the Spirit [which]... totally possessed the manhood of Jesus’ (John V. Taylor).  —  That was in 1978.

From its inception the EBF has been able to make available products which are encoded with an energy that upgrades the interface between the spirit and Divinity.

Using them people learn by experience that EVERY TYPE of body, soul, & spirit and brain, emotion & mind, can be significantly upgraded.  At Pentecost (Whitsun) St. Peter reminded the crowd that the Old Testament prophet Joel had said: God will pour His spirit out on ALL LIVING THINGS (Acts 2:17 & Joel 2:28).  —  He will reinforce the Divine aspect of plants, ponies, and insects, as well as people.  Furthermore, St. Paul said: the Spirit God sends will give new life to your MORTAL bodies (Rom 8:11).

A couple of reports illustrate the incalculable value of a practical trial.  The first ran: "Just back from some glorious [June] days staying in Ruthin Castle.  It and surroundings, hills, trees, flowers, Heaven on Earth.  Together with my own garden and hanging baskets Unbelievably Beautiful.  Certainly NOT in need of Vita Fons II Soil Conditioner, or Foliar Spray.  —  I speak to my plants and the Earth, including worms, insects, snails, and they do their job".

The trouble is that the unintended overall outcome of man’s efforts are increasing dystopia rather than delivering the utopia God set up when He created "The Garden of Eden".  The Fallen have no idea what role worms, insects and snails should play and, therefore, cant help them play it.  And they cant play the role they should do because they are Fallen.  "However", she wrote, "I’m willing to give them a treat and take advantage of your offer [of a free Vita Fons II Soil Conditioner with every order for Vita Fons II Foliar Spray]".(2)

And here’s her follow–up letter:

"You were right — the Foliar Spray and Soil Conditioner [do] kick start Nature.  Even at this time of the year [mid––October, when plant growth is dying back, my plants are spectacular.  Their] height and colour have an energy [that] is hollering out to be noticed and "felt"!  But I have recently experienced [that] I’m "birthing" them — a Divine Recognition of Creation.  (Her heart and mind were resonating in harmony with those of The Creator rather than with the invariably Degenerative, Death–dealing, Fall).  And I’ve had this last week another kick start.  [It took] the form of a head–on crash with my car (which is a write–off)".  She applied our Talc to her bruises and to the all–important Solar Plexus chakra (the chakra connected with Vision: Awareness) and now wrote: "I’m more than ever aware that God is the Life [in] me and not up there somewhere.  And [that He is] the life [in] Vita Fons".

We must NEVER FORGET that CHRIST always thought in terms of upgrading physical existence.

RECOMMENDING THE EBF’s NUMINOUSLY (3) ENCODED PREPARATIONS FOR HORTICULTURAL USE the late Mr. Norman Leach FRHS., Inst. PA., Director, Blackpool Parks (the biggest parks outside London) wrote for publication:

"In my search for improved methods of organic gardening I have found ... [this energy] assists in restoring harmony and a state of equilibrium to the bacteria and the teeming life in the soil ... and enables them to function bountifully.

"I have seen remarkable results ... THR BEST [PLANTS] WE HAVE EVER GROWN ... the rich colouring and the long–lasting flowers have impressed all who have seen them ... Speed of growth is remarkable ... Wherever I have used the preparations I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT GOOD RESULTS; increased crops of flowers and good sturdy, healthy plants.  On no account have I had cause to complain.  On the contrary I have proven the potencies to be very valuable ... They should be universally used where good gardening is practised."

In his "Try Being Healthy", RECOMMENDING OUR PRODUCTS FOR HUMAN USE, Dr Alex Forbes, M.A., D.M. (Oxon), F.R.C.P. (London), adviser to the World Health Organisation, wrote: the EBF’s products are based on "a principle new to science".  This principle IS new to twenty first century science, but not to the science which Jesus used 2,000 years ago: the "Scientia Sacra".  The science the great Pythagoras (c 550 BC) and Plato (c 350 BC) tried to get to grips with, and the EBF has studied as best it can do.  Our efforts have enabled many to learn by experience (as Norman Leach and the Ruthin Castle lady did) that, Amicable Conjunction can erase The Fall’s effects.

The EBF has accumulated evidence in respect of the effect numinous energy has not only on people and plants and soils, but also on the MINERAL INGDOM.  For example: it changes the Vita Fons II products into: nothing less than what all things should be: Founts of Life and Bounty.

That leaves the ANIMAL KINDOM.  I’ll take a pony who was so irritated by an ‘incurable’ condition called ‘sweet itch' (4) "that he rubbed [all] the hair right off the top of his [tail] and rubbed raw ‘ridges’ across the bottom of his back", wrote his owners.  "We put Vita Fons Water in his water–bucket every day, and in each morning and evening feed.  [Good — excellent!]  Twice a day and occasionally more, we applied Vita Fons Ointment to the irritated patches on his back and tail ... it instantly relieved his intolerable itching.  You could see him relax as it was smoothed over his skin ... It saved us having to move ‘William’ away from his usual paddock and we did not ... have to [1] bring him in when the flies were most active and [2] we did not have to use ... fly–repellents which he hated".  [1 & 2 are the two standard recommended treatments].  "Best of all though — the [incurable] sweet itch disappeared within three weeks".

It is now known, and VERY widely accepted, that man’s intentions radiate outward into the environment palpably influencing it (Jahn & Dunne).  By which we are to understand that our intentions are echoed by Matter.  That being so the Ruthin Castle lady’s experiences after taking and applying a lot of Vita Fons II are pretty well incalculably significant: she experienced being co–creator with God — which she should be.  (— So should everyone else).

When Jesus sent a message to his imprisoned cousin (John the Baptist) saying: "the blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear ..." he was letting him know that he was successfully practising the Scientia Sacra: erasing The Fall’s effects and restoring flawed Relationships right across the board.

If Christ never thought in terms of the physical level of existence alone, NEITHER DID HE EVER EXCLUDE IT. 'THE BLIND RECEIVE THEIR SIGHT' would, in his book, mean what you and I might mean.  But it would also mean that, their terrestrial eyesight and mental vision were no longer restricted because he had enabled them to stand erect as spiritual beings.  When Upright man can see to the horizon; acquire clarity of mind; is equipped to be Aware of all that goes on; can react appropriately; and communicate.

Christ’s: ‘THE LAME CAN WALK' would refer equally to: the ability to walk on the terrestrial level, AND to moving around mentally.  (This includes ability to (1) Recall, (5).  and (2) Foresee(6).   I.e.: the Upright can (i) proceed down the path Christ took; (ii) enrich all with whom, and everything with which, they come into contact; (iii) the contact of their spiritual feet with their Divine Source (or Ground) becomes all it should be, and (iv) they receive a constant influx of The Holy Spirit through the correctly orientated Crown Chakra.  —  They become mentally mobile, focused, and omniscient.

The Fallen are hard of hearing, purblind, ill–placed to collect food, escape enemies, put up any defence, or make their voice heard at any distance.  Nor (because the soles of their feet are at right angles to the soil) can they connect with the Divine Soil which brought them forth and sustains them.  And (because their heads are at a right angle to the perpendicular) the Crown Chakra (situated above, and incorporating the top of, the head) is wrongly orientated to receive the Holy Spirit.

The Resurrected stand erect.  They have 360º vision, restored hearing, and full use of (spiritual) arms and legs and hands and feet and voice.  I.e they are equipped to look after themselves, act as stand–ins for God on Earth, AND receive a constant influx of the Holy Spirit through the Crown Chakra.  (No vestige of The Fall remains).

'THE LEPERS ARE CLEANSED' would refer equally to (1) being freed of a very infectious disease and therefore qualifying to re–enter society; (2) to cleansing the drug addicted, compulsive gamblers, etc. of subversive habits, and society of a laissez faire attitude towards science, dishonesty, exploitation, and an economic set–up which results in parents and children being deprived of quality time together.  And (3) (on the divine level) it refers to being cleansed of The Fall — which Christ said had become a "MOTHER OF [spiritual] HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" (Rev 17:5).

‘AND THE DEAF HEAR'  —  When (because an Upright stance has been achieved) the vice–like grip which strangulates the ears’ nerves is relaxed, and hearing returns, man can hear (1) the burden of God’s intention: that he helps all created beings to manifest their true, divine, nature; and (2) the burden of the spiritual needs and longings of his fellows, and every creature.  When he stands Upright man’s spiritual ears can hear both Christ’s message, and a plea for help which must rend his heart — for it is through no fault of hers that Nature is red–in–tooth–and–claw.  Christ knew all Nature is crippled, bewildered and crying out for aid.  He heard Nature’s heart–rending plea for help, and he responded by admonishing his disciples: Go into "all the world" and let "every creature" learn by EXPERIENCE that you can erase the effect The Fall is having on it (Mark 16:15).  That was his very last commandment — and instead of imprinting itself on our hearts as no other commandment had it in it to do, it has fallen on deaf ears.

It is pretty obvious that Jesus knew himself to be what today we would call a scientist — he fulfilled the first requirement of science: he could replicate his results.  And so could his disciples.  So, too, in their own puny and totally inadequate — and yet remarkable — way, do the Vita Fons II products, as witness the following reports.

THE BLIND RECEIVE THEIR SIGHT: "After I had [sprayed] Vita Fons II Water on my eyes my oculist said it was EXCITING that my right eye (which has always been very short–sighted) was [now] responding [well enough to merit the provision of] a stronger lens".  The numinous energy had invited that eye to respond to divinity’s Perfection.  It invited erasure of a congenital defect.  And Improvement had, subsequently, taken place at DNA level. (7)  Relationships between the eye’s components were upgraded.  Because its components now worked together in Amicable Conjunction the sight of the congenitally short–sighted eye was upgraded.  —  This is "EXCITING".

THE LAME WALK: "I have found", wrote a world–famous mystic and priest, "Vita Fons II Water very helpful in awakening my consciousness and strengthening my walking ability".  Again: because the numinous energy invited — and got — response from the Divinity indwelling his core, more Awareness — which is the gift of the Holy Spirit  (John V. Taylor) — was able to flow into his Whole Being, and the result had been a grasp of matters which, theretofore, had proved elusive.  Now the spiritual path ahead was clear and the ability to tread in Christ’s footsteps improved ... and inevitably, there was, an echo on the terrestrial level.  (Remember? Matter echoes Man’s intentions.)  This energy, which (in the perfected state in which Christ used it) can overcome the Degenerative imperative of the entire human race: can benefit any individual who desires to walk as Christ did — or see as Christ did — or hear what God is saying!  Its capacity to Upgrade enables it to produce miracles of healing.

THE LEPERS ARE CLEANSED:  If our products are correctly used the immune system in plant, animal and man gives the appearance of becoming far more efficient.  But the facts are otherwise: Amicable Conjunction takes over.  (In view of the fact that many Vita Fons II  users know that regular use enables them to live remarkably infection–free lives, I am amazed so few have thought of stocking up in case they become victims of a terrorist attack.  It would be prudent to have an adequate stock of Vita Fons II  on hand since a strategically targeted terrorist attack could bring not only food distribution, but also the postal service, to a halt).

THE DEAF HEAR:  "Thank you for your work.  My ears are getting somewhat better..." wrote a man in his thirties with an ‘incurable’ condition, "but the special thing is that I am getting more open ... Thank you Vita Fons II".

This report emphasises ‘opening’: upgrading the quality of one’s Awareness of things on both the terrestrial and the supraterrestrial level.  It is because they invite — and get — Divine response, that our numinously encoded products help people overcome a spiritual "deafness" which hampers (spiritual) evolution.

That was from someone who learns by Experience.  The following person needed to become Aware she must undertake a study of sacred literature.

"Thanks to Vita Fons II I am getting much more better, over harsh ears troubles which had appeared 12 years ago.  After 8 months I feel as if a nightmare [is] about to end: my ears are again part of myself and I have [the] feeling of joy I have been searching for all my life long.  For me, it is God’s gift.  I am committing myself to [studying sacred] writings.  This gives sense and unity to my life.  I hope from the deepest of my soul that it is the start of a new life".  Then, in a determined attempt to express the depth of her gratitude for her new Awareness — which tells us how very greatly she had suffered — throwing all inhibition to the winds: "Through mail please accept my kisses and love.  Sincerely yours ...".

What Christ maintained the Old Testament prophet Isaiah had foreseen: "the deaf will hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind will see (29:18) ... (spiritual) desert will blossom ...".  (Despite having been tended with every care, and/or professional expertise, spiritual barrenness manifested through the medium of the Ruthin Castle lady’s, and Blackpool Parks’, plants and soils.  But, when sprayed with products containing numinous energy, some of those plants’ and soils’ divine potential blossomed).

Christ said: "Let your light shine before men" (Mat 5:16) — light the path of those around you.  The LORD said to Isaiah, AND to all those devoted to Him: "strengthen ye the weak hands and feeble knees ... ... that is the way of holiness ... the Erect will take that path ... they will obtain joy and gladness [for all] and sorrow and sighing will flee away" (chap 35).  If you strengthen weakened hands and enfeebled knees, not only will the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame dance for joy, and the dumb sing, but your inner–self will have blossomed — will have lit others’ paths.  —  If man were to follow Isaiah’s "way of holiness" prey animals would live on discarded vegetable matter, the wolf and the lamb would lie down [together in total amity], and the lion would eat straw ... [nothing in all the world would cause] hurt, [nothing would] destroy ... saith the Lord" (65:25).

Someone with a great deal of experience of using these products wrote: "... never perhaps in the whole history of mankind has [man] been so in need of light — [that] Vita Fons IS light, concentrated, contained and crystallised light [I know] from my own experience.  I have seen it.  I was lying ... in a completely darkened room with absolutely no external light source with a jar of Vita Fons Ointment on a chest of drawers and when I looked up ... it was glowing ... ... What Vita Fons affects is the capacity not only for healing but also for "enlightenment" ... To observe as I and others have done what happens to the eyes of a human being when either the [Vita Fons] Oil or Ointment is applied to the brow, is total proof of its effect on the psyche. ... It is a baptism of light and the eyes shine like stars (8).  I find the general beneficial effects of the Vita Fons Lotion [in my bath] ... quite exceptional ... one’s entire being is suffused with a rejuvenating energy and light (9).

"I know full well that it is the instrument of Christ and the Holy Spirit, and the reason I know is because I have quite simply experience of it ... It's effects are precise and visible ... [a] reversal of degeneration [takes place].  NOTHING ELSE ... CAN REMOTELT TOUCH IT.  ... [It] brings universal beneficence to this earth.

"I am totally certain of the REALITY of the event you have brought into our midst ... your work is the Living Word, and Bread from Heaven ... Everything you speak of is in the best tradition of Universal Gnosis"[sacred knowledge].

Can I hear some people saying: ‘Isn’t that over the top’?

But is it?  It refers to the results of using the active principle of a science which is, currently, unused, unrecognised, unknown.  But that science was used by Christ, the Old Testament prophets knew it should be used, and the Church was built on what it affirms.

Latterly man has gone through a phase of succumbing to the mechanistic laws Newton established.  Then along came Plank who said matter is a modality of mind, those laws are valid only up to a point.  Now there is a considerable number of scientists who, in a nutshell, say: "man’s intentions radiate outward into the environment PALPABLY influencing it".  By which we are to understand that our intentions mould Matter AND IT SHOWS.  Jung established that our outlook (the way our soul or psyche reacts) has a great effect on our physical body.  And this is now accepted.  But what about wicked men like Stalin and the Nazies?  —  They didn’t suffer from ill–health.  The Newtonian laws go only so far; the Jungian laws go only so far.  Beyond a certain point neither applies.  The Old and New Testaments say that it is God’s interaction with the Unconscious Mind that produces Light, Space, Time and Matter.  From time immemorial this interactive motion, or movement  —  or "energy"  —  or "sound", has been called "The Word":  the instrument of a creative, love–filled, and purposeful, Mind.

The person who wrote "Your work is the Living Word"  was referring to the creating Word: divine creation at terrestrial level: to Empathy replacing insensibility, indifference, callousness.  (Remember the two "deaf" people?  Even the material components of the Vita Fons II  products?)

The Bible dispenses "Gnosis" which feeds the mind and soul.  The person whose spiritual "deafness" (which was echoed on the physical level) made her Unaware that her soul needed "Bread from Heaven", was helped by numinous energy to become Aware that her mind and soul must have Life–sustaining nourishment.  For the lack of it her body, soul & spirit, and brain, emotions & mind, had suffered torments.  Jesus fed those who were famished  —  whether from lack of physical or spiritual food.  Following in his footsteps, Vita Fons II  dealt with the "kisses by mail" lady’s deafness" AND, given what they need plants can crop more heavily: produce an abundance of protein–enriched food: become more nearly their true, bounteous selves.

How are man and creation to escape from established, and active, Degeneration?  —  the outcome of The Fall?

Very simply indeed: by adopting a WORKING relationship with Divinity  —  THE thing that numinous energy helps all things do.

St John said Jesus’ demonstrations were very helpful to the people of 2,000 years ago.  Maybe the palpable effects Vita Fons II  obtains will help people of today become aware of the inestimable and PRACTICAL value of Cooperation–with–God.

May Christ and the Holy Spirit shower you with blessings

© Elizabeth Bellhouse Foundation 2003

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(1)  "The Jesus Papyrus", by Thiede and d'Ancona, ISBN 0–297–:866586.

(2)  An offer made to celebrate our products’ accreditation by Austria Bio Garantie, which sanctions the use of Vita Fons II preparations in the production of all organic food.

(3)  'Numinous’ : ‘nuo’ signifies to beckon: to invite the Divinity within the other to respond to the Divinity within the beckoner.  (The numinously encoded Talc invited — and got — recognition of its Divinity from the lady who had been badly bruised.  A new Relationship was set–up between this member of the mineral kingdom and her newly enlightened self).  The Life–within–Divine Energy ("in him (The Word) was life")  can invite the Life in plants and soils to eschew The Fall, and join forces with the Life The Word emits.

(4)  Inflamation of horses’ and ponies’ skin caused by the bites of Culicoides midges.

(5)  Don Robins says all Matter, and Jung says the human soul, carry significant traces of the Garden of Eden — which exists ‘in the past’.

(6)  Christ was shown by God the transformation of the real into the ideal (Revelation 1:1 and chapter 21).  He foresaw what is still to come.

(7)  DNA is instruction downloaded to the chemical level.  Numinous energy upgraded that eye’s DNA by bestowing Awareness of the adjustments that were necessary for the eye to function better.

(8)  If you cannot see Vita Fons II’s  light remember the colour–blind: although most can, they can’t see colour.

(9)  It is necessary to ingest numinous energy as well as either immerse oneself in it, or apply it externally.  (Note the treatment ‘William’ had).  It is necessary to digest everything that has already entered one’s system ( — like, for instance, very severe bruising or deafness — ) no matter how unwelcome, or on what level of existence.  Numinous energy enables Fallen plants to fulfill themselves; the mystic can discern Christ’s path; the ‘incurably’ deaf become ‘more open’.  Tens of thousands of such responses give a clear indication that any physical improvement brought about by numinous energy is an echo of Spiritual Regeneration: is due to recoupment of spiritual loss.

Printed copies of the Newsletters (in English and French) are available from the address below, free of charge.  (A stamped, self–addressed envelope would help us).  For the name and address of your local Vita Fons II outlet, please send us an

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